About Me

The Back Story!
Welcome to CookingWithMelody.com,

This website was created to share recipes from my kitchen to yours. Through the years I have grown to enjoy cooking. Being the eldest of four I frequently helped my mother prepare meals at home. My family entertained guests frequently, and I learned to assist with the "mise en place" as the French call it (everything in place). My mother is talented with presentation of food as well as cooking. I learned to creatively arrange food, and decorate our home for the gatherings we hosted. Entertaining was a natural part of our lives.

When I married my husband Bradley in 2003 I started to experiment in my own kitchen. After years of trying new recipes I became experienced in making a variety of dishes. As a result I was able to memorize and create my own meals without a recipe. I soon realized that I had a strong passion for food and cooking.

Health and nutrition is another interest of mine. I strongly believe in a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, and recommend making foods from scratch. We grow many different fruits and vegetables in our home gardens and eat them in our daily meals.

I am excited to have started this website to follow a hobby of mine, and to see what direction will follow. I was born in West Bloomfield Michigan and moved to San Diego, California in 1987. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2002 with a B.A. in Communications, emphasis in Media Management with a minor in Psychology. I currently work with my husband Bradley at our company (Shammam Consulting Services, Inc) where I work in accounting, operations, sales, and marketing. I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your comments and/or suggestions. Lastly, and most importantly I hope to influence you to make delicious meals at home.

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