About Me

Welcome to CookingwithMelody.com,

This website was created to share recipes from my kitchen to yours. Through the years I have grown to enjoy cooking. Being the eldest of four I frequently helped my mother prepare meals at home. My family entertained guests frequently, and I learned to assist with the “mise en place” as the French call it (everything in place). My mother is talented with presentation of food as well as cooking. I learned to creatively arrange food, and decorate our home for the gatherings we hosted. Entertaining was a natural part of our lives.

When I married my husband Bradley in 2003 I started to experiment in my own kitchen. After years of trying new recipes I became experienced in making a variety of dishes. As a result I was able to memorize and create my own meals without a recipe. I soon realized that I had a strong passion for food and cooking.

I developed this website to share a variety of recipes that I’ve created with you. I will be adding recipes and posting articles frequently. I enjoy cooking different ethnic foods, and especially like to add my own twist to traditional recipes. I will share recipes that are simple and quick as well as recipes that require more time for whatever lifestyle you have, and challenge you are up for.

Health and nutrition is another interest of mine. I strongly believe in a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, and recommend making foods from scratch. We grow many different fruits and vegetables in our home gardens and eat them in our daily meals.

I am excited to have started this website to follow a hobby of mine, and to see what direction will follow. I was born in West Bloomfield Michigan and moved to San Diego, California in 1987. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2002 with a B.A. in Communications, emphasis in Media Management with a minor in Psychology. I currently work with my husband Bradley at our company (Shammam Consulting Services, Inc) where I work in accounting, operations, sales, and marketing. I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your comments and/or suggestions. Lastly, and most importantly I hope to influence you to make delicious meals at home.