Happy Thanksgiving

November is here, it's time to plan your Thanksgiving menus and start cooking! This is the season to prepare your family's secret recipes passed down from generation to generation. The familiarity of the food creates the comfort that we all look forward to whether it's your grandmother's pumpkin pie or your mom's famous Turkey. While you are in the kitchen preparing meals this Thanksgiving season I hope to entice you to try a new recipe. Challenge yourself in the kitchen and excite your guests with a unique flair or an added spice. Start a family recipe of your own!

I've added a delicious ham recipe that will please your guests, even if they are not a fan of ham! Slowly simmering the bone-in ham before baking reduces the common salty flavor and adds tenderness. No need for the store bought packaged glaze. The homemade raisin glaze made from scratch can be whisked up in minutes and will be much appreciated when your guests know that it was made with real ingredients.

Click here to view Bone-In Ham with Raisin Glaze

You can find a Bone-In Ham at your nearest Harvest Ranch or Jonathon's Market. You can place your order ahead of time to have your your items ready for pick up. Go to www.HarvestRanchMarkets.com to find a location near you.

Yams are traditionally prepared with Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure not to confuse them with sweet potatoes. They are generally sweeter than sweet potatoes and have a dark orange to reddish skin with an orange sweet flesh. I've added a Yam Stew recipe that will bring great color and flavor to your Thanksgiving spread.

Click here to view Yam Stew

If you have any questions about your holiday planning menus go to the Contact Me page and send me an email, I will be happy to help! Your feedback is much appreciated, if you get a chance to try one of my recipes do post a reply with your comments.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends!

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