Gelato Vero Cafe- San Diego, California

Looking for really good gelato? Don’t be misled by this simple café store front. Located on the corner of busy India Street in Mission Hills is Gelato Vero Café where they have the best gelato in San Diego! They offer 12 delicious flavors, my favorites being Chocolate Hazelnut (Giandua) and Pistachio. Yum! The handcrafted, made on- site gelato is perfectly creamy, smooth, subtly sweet and refreshing. It’s been my favorite spot for years and the best gelato that I’ve had since my visit to Italy, now that’s hard to top! Better yet, they are open until midnight daily and 1am on Friday and Saturday nights !

Gelato Vero Café
3753 India Street
San Diego, CA. 92103

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