Start From Scratch

I'd like to introduce you to A website dedicated to sharing my recipes, along with articles about food, cooking, gardening and entertaining. You may wonder why the name of this article is "Start From Scratch". I started from scratch in my own kitchen and learned to cook well with no culinary experience. The name of the company that I formed for is named Start From Scratch, Inc. This fits my story perfectly. I've learned to cook, create recipes, and garden without any professional training. I make meals from scratch daily, using very few canned ingredients, and prepared food containing preservatives. I have discovered good quality cooking tools, fine food ingredients and developed skills by using creativity. Most importantly I have put love in to making delicious meals from scratch.

After years of having a strong passion for food, I again started from scratch in my own garden. My husband and I currently care for 23 of our own fruit trees and recently planted a 1000 square foot garden with 25 types of fruits and vegetables. We have thoroughly enjoyed the plentiful harvest from the garden. A simple design along with sun, good soil, and water is all it takes to grow a successful garden. Growing and caring for the garden has been a joyful experience. The benefits of physical exercise while planting and picking, the convenience of eating organic from the backyard; and the taste of the fruits and vegetables is incomparable to what you buy at a big-box grocery store.

There are pictures of our garden on the flash banner at the top of the page. I have also posted additional pictures of our first vegetable garden that was planted last year along with additional photos from this year. You can view them by navigating to "Melody's Pictures On Picasa" on the right side of the page. To view, click on more.

This year I started  from scratch in creating this website. I've started out by posting recipes that I have enjoyed making over the summer, many which were made with the produce from our garden.  To view recipes click on the recipes tab at the top right of the page. You will see a list of food categories. Each recipe has a print option, and a reply box for any comments that you may want to share.

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Thank you for visiting From my kitchen to yours, I look forward to sharing new recipes, influence you to cook at home for a healthier lifestyle, and inspire you to follow your dreams- even if you must start from scratch.

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